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Sprinkler System Services in El Dorado

There is nothing better as a deeply green and lush lawn. However, a lawn can only be as good as its water source. At All Pro Sprinklers & Irrigation, we implement custom solutions for watering all yards, including residential, multi-acre business properties, HOAs and more. Our team design and install irrigation systems around the distinctive characteristics of each client’s lawn area and landscape. Schedule your next El Dorado sprinkler system project today!

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Lawn Irrigation Installation in El Dorado

Spending your afternoon placing timers and alarms only to deal with the heat and humidity, wrestling hoses and moving sprinklers is not a fun way to spend summer. When you hire us to install a lawn sprinkler system and drip watering system for your landscape beds will allow you to have your yard and landscape consistently watered, which will yield to a vibrant, lush yard throughout the growing season, and the best part – not having to be worried about your turf, trees and shrubs getting enough moisture.

After installation, our highly trained team will set up your system to function automatically on a schedule that works for you and odd/even watering regulations that El Dorado may require, leading to worry-free watering even if you head out of town for a week.

El Dorado Lawn Irrigation Repairs

A sprinkler system that is not functioning properly can lead to tremendous damage, this can cost big over the long term. One example could be a malfunctioning sprinkler head that does not “pop up” and water its specified area. This can lead to parts of your yard not receiving proper water, which causes your turf to dry out and potentially die off, especially during a stretch of extremely hot weather. Whether your system is not working properly due to leaks, broken heads, electrical faults, you wish to install a new controller that operates the system from a mobile app, or anything else related to your lawn’s irrigation system, our highly trained and knowledgeable sprinkler repair technicians are equipped to find and fix whatever is disrupting the performance of your sprinkler system. Schedule sprinkler repair service in El Dorado by calling us today

Additional Service Offerings in El Dorado – Outdoor Drainage, Landscape Lighting, Mosquito Control and Ponds

In addition to providing El Dorado residents and business owners the best irrigation work, we also offer a variety of landscape construction and renovation services. From repairing your outdoor drainage problems, to digging ponds, illuminating your property with landscape lighting and mosquito abatement services. Learn more today by getting a quote or calling today! Now servicing surrounding areas Manchester, Houston, Brookline, Pasadena, Brookhaven, Lynchburg, Atascocita, Millcreek, Pearland, Oak Park

High and dry during Harvey

Our builders recommended them to work out our drainage system on the property before building. We were high and dry during Harvey and would definitely recommend to others

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